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We provide all students with education from kindergarten to high school, respecting their individual and special needs, cultural backgrounds and aspirations of their parents.
Al Nabigha Al Sagheer School was established for the first time in 2007-08 starting with only 27 students between the ages of 4-5 years).
Over the years we have faced many challenges, but with our determination, perseverance, support and encouragement of the parents of our students we currently have about 590 students from KG1 to high school.

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We provide them with the appropriate educational environment, taking into account many psychological and social aspects that In turn, it guarantees success and helps build future leaders who are confident in themselves. Quality and modernity are two of the most important basic factors in our education, and all of this obstructs you through the performance of our students. The education provided by Al-Nabegh Al Saghir School is an effective and vital education and It is the result of societal development in Benghazi.

  • Creativity

    Creating creative abilities The school works to develop scientific abilities, nurtures creative ideas, and develops the student's cognitive curiosity that drives him to succeed.
  • Personality

    The personal growth of a school student is very important, as the school works to nurture it within its borders and outside, by creating a strong and cohesive personality.
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Standardized tests

are standardized tests for the ninth grade at the ministry level that allow the school to compare the effectiveness of its educational programs with other schools. It can also give the teacher a precise idea of a particular student’s level and is approved annually by the ministry. School students may obtain supervisory positions for two years in a row

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Test taking skills

A test is a skill as well as a method for assessing educational development. It is a way to help students in training to control time and understand the expectations of the person who puts the test questions.
Such skill is very necessary when moving to higher grades

The educational curriculum

Al-Nabigha Al Sagheer School organizes a wide range of activities during the year that enhance written and oral communication skills in both languages throughout the year. Students also participate in research work, presentations, trips, reading, writing writing, and various competitions. Islamic education lessons are designed alongside Arabic language lessons, to encourage students to love their mother tongue and reverence Islamic traditions and values, and this is of course mandatory for students. In addition to the basic curriculum, all students benefit from a range of cultural topics that nurture the student's thought and expand his imagination. Computer and education are taught Sports, art, music and health are taught by professional teachers, and students learn in an organized and safe environment how to develop the skills and attitudes that will build a vital foundation for their future. Our teachers help students to organize their chores and homework, as well as to develop homework assessment. There is a monthly award for the best student, in addition to a list of honors by the headmaster, which is given throughout the year to recognize the wonderful efforts in achievement, in order to motivate and encourage students.

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  • Al-Nabigha Al-Sagheer School
  • Al-Nabigha Al-Sagheer School
  • Al-Nabigha Al-Sagheer School
  • Al-Nabigha Al-Sagheer School